Ask a Dentist: When Would Oral Surgery be Recommended?

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Oral surgery is often recommended by dentists when less invasive methods are not available to the patient. In other instances, the patient may elect for oral surgery due to the superior benefits it can provide over alternative, non-surgical methods.

Reasons a dentist may recommend oral surgery

Dentists often recommend oral surgery if a patient needs one or more teeth extracted, choose dental implants for tooth replacement, need more extensive sleep apnea treatment, require facial reconstruction, or are in need of root end surgery. This review discusses how a dentist can determine if oral surgery is necessary.

One (or more) of your teeth need extraction

Teeth extraction is one of the most common oral surgery procedures. Specifically, the extraction of wisdom teeth requires oral surgery. Wisdom teeth removal may be needed if they cause issues with overcrowding or do not fully emerge through the gums. The procedure is minimally invasive and recovery does not typically take more than a week.

You elect dental implants for tooth replacement

Dental implants are one of the most popular forms of teeth replacement. While there are many unique benefits of dental implants, they do require a surgical procedure. The dental implants placement procedure involves making an incision into the gums, drilling a small hole into the jawbone, and positioning the implant in the jaw. It can take several weeks for the mouth to heal and a few months for osseointegration to take place.

Non-surgical methods do not work for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

A dentist may also recommend oral surgery if nonsurgical methods are not successful in relieving the symptoms of sleep apnea. Often, a dentist first recommends treatments such as a night guard for bruxism to deal with obstructive sleep apnea, but surgery may be an option for some who need more extensive treatment. The most common surgical treatments for OSA are uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPP) and tongue advancement.

Facial trauma requires facial reconstruction

Facial reconstruction surgery repairs the function and structure of the face, jaw, and oral cavity. This may be necessary after facial trauma, such as enduring a blow to the face during a sporting event, car crash, or nasty fall. Facial reconstruction may require several oral surgery procedures and multiple days of treatment.

An apicoectomy (root end surgery) is necessary

An apicoectomy, also called root end surgery, is performed to remove dead nerves and infected dental pulp that cannot be removed through a traditional root canal. Apicoectomy is often performed after a root canal if the procedure was not successful in removing all infected portions of the tooth. This procedure is more complex than a root canal procedure.

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