Root Canals

Decay that has spread to the pulp of a tooth threatens the health of the tooth and can also become very painful, causing a toothache. Left untreated, severe tooth decay can eventually lead to the need for a tooth extraction. If your dentist recommends root canal therapy, it is important to not delay treatment. A root canal can save your tooth and avoid more dental pain down the road. 

The Procedure

Root canal therapy is performed carefully by your dentist. Before treatment begins, your dentist will ensure that you are comfortable and the area around the tooth is numb. Once you are ready, your dentist will begin treatment. Sedation options are available to help you feel more at ease throughout your visit. Your dentist can discuss the best possible sedation options for your appointment if you would like to utilize sedation during your visit. Your dentist will work to remove all decay from both the tooth and the pulp of the tooth. Once all the decay has been removed, the tooth will be sealed. Your dentist can discuss with you restoration options, whether a crown or filling is needed to protect the exposed tooth following treatment. The area where the root canal was performed may be tender for around a week. 

If you are in need of a root canal and live in the Boynton Beach, FL area, call our office today! We are ready to give you the help that you need. Don’t put off a toothache or other dental issues. Keep your smile healthy by addressing your dental problems right away. We look forward to hearing from you!

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