What Occurs During a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

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When you need a tooth extraction, it is normal to be curious about what happens during the procedure. In this article, you will learn about the tooth extraction process. Removing a tooth is a routine process done after a tooth suffers severe damage, decay, or starts causing issues in the mouth.

An overview of tooth extraction

Extraction of a tooth from its socket is a common dental procedure that is done when a tooth is infected, decayed, or damaged. Wisdom teeth that are trapped within the gums often require extraction to avoid complications. When a filling or root canal is not enough to save a tooth, that tooth must be removed. Also, if a tooth’s eruption is causing overcrowding, the dentist will recommend removal.

How tooth extraction works

Extractions are divided into two categories. Simple extractions are done on teeth that are fully visible over the gumline. The dental professional will use an elevator to loosen the tooth before extracting it with forceps. Simple extractions often only need a local anesthetic, but for very young patients or those dealing with dental anxiety, sedation may be required. A surgical extraction is required if a tooth is impacted within the gums or has broken off along the gum line. In these cases, the dentist may need to remove a small amount of bone covering the tooth. A surgical extraction may require general anesthesia.

To stop the bleeding after the tooth extraction, patients will be told to bite down on gauze bits. They will need someone to drive them home if they are getting more than a local anesthetic. The dentist will provide detailed instructions on how to care for the mouth as it heals.

The bleeding and swelling should subside significantly within a day or two, and complete healing may take two weeks. The dentist will prescribe pain relievers to minimize pain during recovery. To relieve pain and minimize swelling, patients can apply an ice pack over the jaw.

Minimizing pain during the extraction

Patients will feel little or no pain since the nerve fibers that send pain signals will be anesthetized. However, they will likely feel a pressure sensation during the process. While this sensation of pressure is not painful, it is an important point to note because the more information patients have about the procedure, the easier it will be to relax.

Patients should be mindful that the procedure will include loud noises. This is the aspect of the procedure that many patients find the most irritating. Dentists recommend carrying headphones and listening to music to drown out the noise. Patients also need to follow post-extraction guidelines to ensure a quick recovery and prevent infection.

Curious about tooth extraction?

Deciding to have a tooth extracted can be challenging. Every treatment you receive at our dental office is tailored to ensure that you fully comprehend the process and are comfortable. To learn more about your treatment options, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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