What Are Some Improvements From a Smile Makeover for Busy Adults?

Smile Makeover Boynton Beach, FL

A smile makeover is a good option for busy adults dealing with dental issues that prevent them from confidently showing off their teeth. Modern advances in dental technology make current procedures straightforward, lasting, and cost-effective. Many patients are curious about the types of improvements that are possible. A consultation with a dentist to set up a customized plan of care is necessary to meet unique needs. 

Common smile makeover procedures

In recent years, an increased number of effective options have made it easier and more convenient for dental patients to receive specialized help. To make striking changes in patients' smiles, dentists use a combination of restorative and cosmetic techniques. Some of the smile makeover procedures include:

  • Invisible aligners
  • Whitening procedures
  • Dental implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental bonding


Having well-aligned teeth makes a dramatic difference in the look of a smile. Misalignment is not only an aesthetic issue but also a hygiene issue. Straightening teeth benefits both appearance and health. Metal braces are a traditional choice, but there are newer alternatives. Patients with a high level of compliance can try tray-based interventions to correct crowding, gaps, and bite issues. Over time, a series of invisible aligners are swapped out to gradually return the teeth to their proper position. Some people prefer a shorter duration of treatment and choose interventions such as veneers or bonding instead to straighten minor misalignments. 


Having a brilliant, attractive smile is the ultimate goal of tooth whitening. Having a professional do the procedure leads to safe, long-lasting results. The dentist can address specific areas of staining and uneven coloration. Some people choose in-office whitening that usually can be done within an hour. Others prefer to have custom trays made to wear at home. 


Missing teeth can affect the look of a smile, the level of oral health, and the manner in which the entire mouth functions. Dental implants are highly versatile and can replace as many lost teeth as needed. Their strength is in how they closely resemble natural tooth structure, incorporating a titanium screw inserted into the jawbone, with a bridge, denture-like, or dental crown restoration. They replace both the crown (visible portion) and the root of a tooth. Dental implants involve a significant time investment but provide transformational results. 


Patients may also choose procedures that involve the application of materials to the surface of teeth. Porcelain veneers (sometimes called porcelain laminates) are a durable option. The dentist applies custom-made, wafer-thin shells to the surface of teeth after reshaping the tooth surface. Dental bonding is desirable for minor issues and involves the application of a color-matched resin to teeth, followed by shaping and contouring. These reshaping procedures usually take from one to three visits to complete.    


Busy people require specific information about various dental procedures to make an informed choice. There are many effective, affordable smile makeover options to explore while going through this important decision-making process.

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