Tips for You to Choose the Right Smile Makeover for Your Goals

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A smile makeover is a procedure where a patient receives alterations to enhance their smile. Makeovers may include a variety of different dental procedures intended to meet a patient's unique needs. Typically, the results offer a whiter or straighter smile than before, giving patients not only boosted self-esteem but also healthier teeth.

Research the available options

The dental options depend on the patient's goals and current teeth. Temporary restorations may include snap-on teeth, temporary veneers, and temporary crowns. Some temporary solutions may last a few years, while permanent solutions should last a decade to a lifetime.

How much time does the patient have?

When preparing for a smile makeover, the amount of time the process takes may help determine a patient's decision. Patients should discuss with the dentist the schedule for procedures such as:

  • Veneers: Veneers take about two to three visits to the dentist to finish the treatment. After the initial visit, the dentist prepares the patient's teeth and places temporary veneers. The final porcelain veneers may take a couple of weeks to be fabricated in a lab.
  • Clear aligners: Every patient's mouth is unique, so the duration depends on each individual. Some patients must wear aligners for six months, whereas others may need 18 months.
  • Dental implants: Before receiving dental implants, a patient must have a comprehensive oral exam. Following the exam, the dentist schedules the surgery. Each implant takes about one to two hours to place. Following the implant surgery, it takes about three months for the patient's mouth to heal before the final restoration is placed.
  • Porcelain crowns: Dental crowns require two visits to the dentist. The first visit involves preparation for the crown. The dentist removes decay, measures the tooth and reshapes the tooth for the impression to create the crown. Patients receive a temporary crown after the initial visit. If the dentist has the tools necessary to create a crown, patients may receive a permanent crown in one visit. Lab-created crowns may take between seven to 10 business days to arrive.
  • Whitening: Professional teeth whitening can take between three to four weeks. At the first visit, the dentist creates a mouthguard from the impression of a patient's teeth. The patient then applies the whitening product with the mouthguard from home every two to four weeks.

Commit to the necessary aftercare

After a restorative procedure, patients need to take steps to ensure that the results last. Regular dental appointments or touch-ups may be necessary for some treatments, such as teeth whitening. Following dental implants or crowns, patients may require over-the-counter pain medication and ice to help with soreness.

To maintain the makeover, patients need regular dental cleanings and limit hard, sticky or sugary foods that may damage the teeth. Additionally, some mouthwashes include harsh ingredients that may damage fillings, crowns, or veneers and so should be avoided.


To decide on a smile makeover, patients should consult with a dentist and consider different recommendations. Makeovers may treat stained teeth, crooked teeth, or damaged smiles. Different options can address specific problems.

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