Signs That a Toothache May Be a Concern

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If you are having tooth pain, you are not alone. Toothaches are a common ailment that people have and that dentists treat. The pain can be mild to excruciating to anywhere in between. Many people have toothaches that subside on their own. In some instances, such conditions are not a serious concern. However, there are clues that tell you that your toothache is a sign of a more troubling oral health issue.

Causes of tooth pain

Having a toothache may or may not be evidence of major concern. Sometimes, a toothache may require immediate attention from a dentist. At other times, it is nothing to worry about. A toothache could be the result of a cavity or an infection. Tooth pain may also occur when the person has a sensitivity to hot or cold sensations.

It is also possible to have a toothache after suffering trauma to a tooth. This can happen after an injury occurs while playing sports or in a fall or accident. A chipped, cracked, or broken tooth can be painful. The pain can even radiate into other parts of the mouth and face.

The pain is constant

Pain in a tooth or multiple teeth can come and go. Some people’s pain only comes when eating. When the pain is persistent, the person, in all likelihood, has a deep cavity. When there is continuous pain, the person should call the dentist right away and get an examination and treatment.

The pain increases

When a person has tooth pain, they should keep a close eye on its intensity. If the pain subsides, the individual can probably wait to see a dentist. But if the pain gets stronger or spreads throughout the mouth, it is time to make a dental appointment. This is a good indication that there is an infection in the tooth.

Nothing is providing relief

Home remedies are available to soothe tooth pain and discomfort. Taking over-the-counter medication such as Ibuprofen and Tylenol can relieve these feelings. Using an ice pack on the affected area can also help. But if these treatments are unsuccessful, a root canal is likely necessary to stop the pain.

The pain is interfering with the person’s quality of life

A person should know that tooth pain is a concern if it keeps them up at night. Also, if the pain is so severe that the person cannot perform routine tasks, a dental appointment should occur promptly. Intense toothaches may leave a person unable to take care of job duties or enjoy other daily activities. The pain can also lead to headaches, jaw pain, and earaches.

Take your pain seriously

If your tooth pain feels like these scenarios, do not put off a trip to the dentist’s office. The pain will most likely not go away by itself. In most cases, only a dental procedure such as a filling or root canal can end the pain and repair the tooth. A toothache can be distressing and painful, but treatment is available from your dentist.

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