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Professional teeth cleaning is one of the treatments you can expect your family dentist to perform during a dental check-up. Getting the procedure done regularly is essential for healthy teeth since it involves removing tartar.

Tartar is the calcified form of plaque – the transparent, sticky film that oral bacteria builds up on your teeth. Plaque is what gives you that sticky feeling in your mouth when you wake up in the morning or after a nap. Plaque contains acids made by oral bacteria that destroy teeth. Fortunately, it can be removed by brushing and flossing – two important activities needed to keep teeth healthy.

However, plaque hardens and turns into tartar when left on teeth for days. Poor oral hygiene or bad brushing technique increases the rate at which tartar builds up on teeth. The tartar buildup cannot be removed by brushing to make things worse. Dentists remove it using a metal tool called a scaler. Not getting teeth cleaned regularly leads to tartar accumulating on teeth, significantly increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Getting a dental cleaning from your family dentist

Teeth cleanings are a non-invasive procedure so there is no need for an anesthetic. The patient remains seated in a dental chair during the treatment. During the procedure, the dentist will use a scaler to carefully scrape tartar from teeth surfaces. The patient might have a few tubes inserted into their mouth during the cleaning; one to keep their teeth wet and another to remove excess water and saliva from their mouth. The patient will not feel pain as the dentist works on their teeth.

The dentist will also floss between the patient’s teeth to remove plaque. A paste is then used to polish their teeth afterward. A huge portion of any stains on the patient’s teeth should come off with the treatment since most stains on teeth tend to build up on tartar deposits. Teeth cleaning typically takes less than an hour.

While the patient is at the clinic, the dentist will also perform other procedures like:

  • An oral, neck, and head examination: This allows the dentist to assess the current state of the patient’s teeth and to detect developing issues
  • Preventative treatments: Teeth cleanings are only one of the preventative treatments used in dentistry. The dentist might recommend other preventative procedures like fluoride treatments and dental sealants based on the patient’s unique needs
  • Restorative treatments: A dental check-up also serves as a chance to address any existing or developing issues the patient has. Treatments like the application of composite bonding can be performed as needed
  • Cosmetic treatments: Dentists also use routine appointments to address cosmetic concerns the patient has. Treatments like teeth whitening can be performed during the same visit or scheduled for a later date
  • Education: Dentists also use routine appointments to teach their patients about proper brushing habits and techniques. They also educate patient’s about how their diet and other factors affect the health of their teeth and gums

Get your teeth cleaned

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