Does Aesthetic Dentistry Focus on Only the Teeth?

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Aesthetic dentistry focuses on more than just improving the way your teeth look. It also addresses issues with other parts of your mouth like your gum tissues that can affect the way your teeth look. For example, some people have a condition known as a gummy smile. It is caused by their gum tissues covering more of their teeth than they should or overactive upper lip muscles. Aesthetic dentistry can help to fix such issues so you can proudly display your smile.

How aesthetic dentistry improves the way your teeth look

Many of the treatments used in cosmetic dentistry also have therapeutic uses, and some of these treatments focus more on improving other areas of your mouth besides your teeth. Here are some of the ways that cosmetic dentistry fixes your smile without focusing on your teeth:

1. Gum lift

Formally known as a gingivectomy, a gum lift is commonly performed to address a gummy smile. Also known as gum contouring, the procedure involves minor oral surgery, and it is used to alter the shape of gum tissues surrounding teeth. It can also be used to change the way a patient’s gum line appears.

A gum lift can be performed on its own or in combination with other treatments like the placement of veneers based on the patient’s needs. A gingivectomy can be performed on the tissues around the top or bottom set of teeth. The procedure typically focuses on the front teeth that are visible when a person smiles.

Gum contouring can be performed with metal or laser tools. Using a laser shortens the time it takes to heal from the procedure since the laser cauterizes as it cuts through tissues. The risk of complications like an infection is also lower when a laser is used.

2. Gum grafts

Gum grafts are another popular treatment used in cosmetic dentistry. The process focuses on the patient’s gum tissue, as the name implies. It is performed to fix a common dental issue known as receding gums. Receding gums are a symptom of gum disease, and they can also be caused by brushing teeth too hard.

Gum recession leaves teeth roots exposed to the acids made by oral bacteria, and they are not designed to withstand this damage. Teeth roots do not have enamel to protect them. They have a less durable outer layer called cementum that is typically protected against acids by gum tissues.

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that involves removing tissues from the roof of the patient’s mouth or other areas with healthy gum tissues and attaching them to teeth roots that are left exposed.

Get your dream smile

How your smile looks affects how you feel about yourself, and it is one of the first things people you mingle with notice. An attractive smile makes you stand out from the crown in a positive way. Give us a call or stop by our Boynton Beach clinic to set up an aesthetic dentistry appointment with our dentist.

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